The Karachi Intermediate and Secondary Education Board just announced the date for the 2022 test, which may be useful information for current tenth graders wondering when they will take their final exams. The preliminary examination is scheduled to begin on May 17th, 2022. Exam dates and times will be communicated to students one month in advance. In light of this, they will be able to get ready for the event properly. Every year, it is the BSEK’s responsibility to organise and run the Matriculation Exams. The Karachi board is in charge of making sure that the matriculation exam’s first and second sections are administered according to the schedules that have been set. According to the most recent data, the Sindh board exam schedule for current tenth graders has not yet been made public. Our board has voluntarily provided us with this data. Students will be informed when the schedule for the 10 courses BSEK will offer during the 2022-23 school year is made public. These classes will be taught by the BSEK. At some point in 2022, the BISE Karachi Board intends to provide the tenth-grade Time Table.

The Karachi Board of Education follows a timeline it set in the past when it comes to the annual administration of examinations for both the intermediate and middle levels. There has always been this calendar. Examinees from a wide variety of schools register with the Karachi board. Undergraduates and graduate students alike sit for these tests. As soon as it is humanly practicable, the Karachi Board will provide the timetable. The Karachi Board will soon announce the Class 10 examination schedule for the next 2022 school year. The general populace will be made aware of this information. KARACHI BOARD TENTH GRADE 2022 DATE SHEET


It wasn’t until 1950 that the Karachi board opened for operations. Secondary and intermediate examinations in Kenya are managed by the Board of Secondary Education. Every year, tens of thousands of Karachi’s pupils apply for a few spots on the city’s school board. The date sheet for the science group, the art group, and the humanities group of the Karachi board examinations for the 10th class of 2022 will soon be made accessible to students who have already enrolled to sit the tests. These are the schedules for the 2022 Karachi Board Exams. The students will take part in the Karachi board examinations, the dates for which can be found on a calendar that is always available at ilmog.com.

Those now enrolled in the tenth grade in Karachi are waiting with bated breath for the publication of the date sheet that will be used by the Karachi Board starting in the year 2022. Each and every student has to perform well on the admissions exams in order to finish the programme. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to walk away with their diploma. Soon after receiving their schedules, the great majority of students started investigating various methods they might take to better themselves. Each of the 10 courses’ syllabuses, as well as video lectures, books, notes, riddle problems, and practice exams, will be made available to you on our website. Because we wanted it to be as easy as possible for you to participate in the experiment, we did this. Access to the guidelines is granted to students enrolled in ten separate classes, and they may be used to prepare for the final exams associated with those subjects.

A timetable that students now enrolled in the tenth grade in Karachi should adhere to.

We want to send our best wishes to all of the intermediate school students as they prepare to take the yearly testing that will soon begin. The board has not yet released the timetable to the public, although doing so is high on their list of priorities. The most up-to-date version of the schedule is available for download here for students who reside in one of the impacted areas. In order to view this website, you must be located in one of the affected zones. Because of this, we want to remind you to check back here often in 2022 to see if there have been any changes to the schedule or the yearly exam. Standardized testing is mandatory for pupils in grades nine and ten in the Karachi region, however, it may only be administered by the Karachi Board of Secondary Education. Only the Karachi Board of Secondary Education is responsible for this. This rule does not apply to children less than two years of age. Every year, thousands of public and private school students in Karachi sit for the matriculation exams administered by the Board of Secondary Education of Karachi (BSEK). It is required that pupils do well on these tests in order to graduate from high school. These examinations are repeated annually. The BSEK has members from almost every private school in Karachi as well as every publicly funded university in the city.

The schedule for the BISE Karachi Board Exams for the 10th Grade in 2022 is as follows:

In Karachi, the yearly matriculation and intermediate exams are overseen by the Karachi BIEK Intermediate Board of Education. The existence of the Karachi Board of Intermediate Education and Knowledge (BIEK) is directly responsible for this. However, in 1974, it became allowed to administer tests in an open and honest manner. The 1975 amendment implemented the new policy. This adjustment has been finalised and is in effect. A significant number of students have already achieved their academic objectives and graduated from their respective universities as a direct and immediate result of this.

Diplomas, awards, and scholarships may be given to students, graduates, and other individuals who participated in the Science and Arts programme and achieved outstanding achievements after the results of the programme have been made public. The board is also accountable for administering the exams needed for the various diploma courses. The format of the exams will be determined by how much time has passed since the beginning of the one-year course. The Board is responsible for planning and carrying out examinations in all appropriate areas. The Board is responsible for administering these tests. In all directions from BIEK Karachi are the cantonments of Karachi Cantt, Clifton Cantt, and Manohra Cantt. A portion of BIEK Karachi may be found inside the Karachi Civil District. Each year, millions of students from all around the globe graduate from colleges, universities, and other educational facilities.


Schedules for the 2022 Intermediate Exams will be posted here as soon as they are made public. Anyone thinking about applying is strongly encouraged to remain in touch with our team in order to learn about the most recent updates to the programme. We will publish the schedule for the yearly examinations here, as well as any supplemental material that may be relevant to those tests, and any other information that may be helpful. That includes anything that would be helpful to know.

On May 10, 2022, the first day of the Karachi Board Matric Part 2 Annual Examinations, testing will begin. Currently, this date is set in stone. According to the PBCC’s announced timetable, the Karachi Board Matric 10 Exam Date Sheet would be made available in the month of April 2022. These actions are in accordance with the proposed schedule.