Bolan Medical College Admission Merit Lists 2022

Bolan Medical College Admission Merit Lists 2022-This piece of writing provides details on the Bolan Medical College Admission Merit Lists for MDCAT 2022. In this post, you will learn the total number of seats, the date of the MDCAT, and the rankings for each district individually. In addition to this, the tuition and fee schedule for Bolan Medical College will be made available to you.

Bolan Medical College Admission Merit Lists 2022

Since its founding in 1972, the Bolan Medical College has provided students with medical education, and its graduates number more than 3,200 today. Additionally, it provides dental training and has bestowed over a hundred Bachelor of Dental Surgery credentials. Both the University of Balochistan and the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council are associated with it as a partner institutions.

Admission to the MBBS and BDS programmes at Bolan Medical College is granted based on merit, and the college maintains a merit list. The results of the admission entrance exam are used to compile the merit list, which is then distributed twice yearly. Students who are interested in attending the college may verify if their names are on the admissions list by visiting the institution’s main website.

The Bolan Medical College is widely regarded as one of Pakistan’s premier educational institutions, and it is particularly renowned for its MBBS and BDS programmes. It admits a huge number of students each year and bases admittance on a student’s previous academic performance. The Bolan Medical College releases its merit list on an annual basis in order to determine which candidates will be accepted into the MBBS and BDS programmes.

The Bolan Medical College in Quetta is going to make public its district-wise merit list for the year 2022 in order to facilitate the admissions process for the MBBS, BDS, DPT, and nursing programmes. Students from the province of Balochistan are now able to apply to the university’s MBBS and BDS degree programmes. Check the Bolan Medical College BMC Quetta Merited List 2022 to see whether you are on the list for this year’s competition.

Time of the MDCAT

If you are considering attending Bolan Medical College for your medical study, it is essential that you be aware of the application deadlines and other important dates for the institution. The entrance merit lists for Bolan Medical College are typically published twice a year. The scores that students received on their entrance exams, matriculation exams, and final science exams were used to compile these lists. February is traditionally the month in which the university publishes the first merit list of the year.

The district-wise merit list for the year 2022 has been released by the Bolan Medical College in Quetta. This merit list includes admissions into the MBBS, BDS, and DPT programmes in addition to the nursing programme. In addition to that, there is an admissions exam for students from Balochistan. The merit list is provided in PDF format for your convenience.

Students who want to pursue a career in medicine must take the entrance exam in order to be considered for enrollment at the institution. The application process is open to any and all students who have achieved a grade of at least 60% in FSC Pre-medical. Candidates who do well on this exam and get passing grades are granted seats immediately. The list is not complete, thus there is a possibility that there are some errors or omissions.

The pre-medical FSC scores, test scores, and interview results will be taken into consideration to determine the date of the Bolan Medical College Admission Merit List 2022. Once the list has been published, it will be made available on Wikiihub. It is essential that you double-check the dates of the admissions deadlines to ensure that you have not already missed them.

Count of available seats

The BDS and MBBS admissions processes at Bolan Medical College (BMC) are now both available to prospective students. Students may submit their applications for enrollment via the use of an online application form. After receiving the application, the Bolan Medical College Admissions Committee will evaluate the candidate to decide whether or not they should be admitted. Students may choose between KPK and self-financed seats at the college they attend.

There are two admissions periods available each year at Bolan Medical College BMC Quetta. In order to determine whether or not an applicant is qualified to attend the institution, an Admission Entry Test (AET) is given. On the same day that the admissions procedure takes place, the merit lists are also released. These lists are not definitive and are open to modification at any time.

The Bolan Medical College in Quetta is now accepting students for MBBS, BDS, DPT, and nursing programmes. The merit lists allow students to check their admission status at the school. There are many different kinds of admissions to choose from, such as open merit, province merit, and self-financing admissions.

In January of 2022, the Bolan Medical College BMC Merit Lists are scheduled to be distributed. The admission list will comprise the total number of points obtained from the Matriculation, Intermediate, and Entry Tests. Students who have performed very well on one of these examinations will be granted entry into BMC. Students will be able to evaluate their performance by comparing their test results to those of their peers after the list has been distributed.

In the province of Balochistan, Pakistan, there is a medical school known as the Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences. It began operations in 1972, and in 1978, the first class of students received their diplomas. Both the University of Balochistan and the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council are recognised as affiliates of this educational institution. Its primary goal is to provide students with an education of the highest possible standard.

The order of the districts

The administration of Bolan Medical College is responsible for compiling the Bolan Medical College entrance merit list for 2022. The rankings on this list are determined by how well students did on their matriculation, entrance, and admission exams. For the convenience of applicants, the rank is also released on a district-by-district basis. Candidates that are interested in running may download these lists to assess where they stand district-by-district.

The first day of the admissions process for the Bolan Medical College will be on December 26, 2020, and the last day to submit an application will be on January 9, 2022. Those individuals who are successful in the entrance examination will be given consideration for admission to the institution, which is one of the few medical and dentistry institutes in Balochistan.

The college is widely regarded as one of the best medical schools in Pakistan, and admission is granted based on a point system. The institution receives applications from a sizeable number of prospective students residing in Balochistan on an annual basis. Students from all of the various districts are included on the merit list that is issued for Bolan Medical College. This gives you the chance to evaluate your performance relative to that of other students and find out where you stand overall in the group. After finishing off your current educational programme, you will be able to choose which institution to enrol in using this method.

The merit lists for admission to MBBS and BDS programmes at Bolan Medical College will be distributed in a manner that is distinct from one another. Applicants to these Baluchistan institutions, on the other hand, will have access to see all of the ranking lists concurrently when they submit their applications for admission. Those that participated in the programme and achieved the top scores are able to see their district’s position in the overall ranking and compare their totals.


The application round for getting into Bolan Medical College (BMC) for the academic year 2022 will soon get underway. The institution is now compiling all of the applicants’ credentials into a merit list, which will ultimately be determined by the candidates’ performance on pre-medical FSC, admission tests, and interviews. The list of those who earned recognition will be made public as quickly as practicable.

In order to be considered for placement on the merit list at Bolan Medical College Quetta, a student must first get a satisfactory score on the qualifying test. In addition to this, the student must have obtained a grade point average of at least 60% in the FSC Pre-medical track. Admissions spots will be given to the students who do well on the examination required for enrollment.

The names of those who have been awarded merit are released simultaneously throughout all of the college’s campuses. The list is compiled using information obtained from the entrance exam, matriculation, and degrees earned in the Bachelor of Science programme. Candidates who have already been granted admission to the institution will also be included on the list. The lists of merit are always being revised.

In the province of Balochistan, Bolan Medical College is a medical institution that belongs to the public sector. Exams required for admission to this institution were administered by ETC. Students who want to major in medicine in college must take the exam in order to demonstrate their readiness for the course. Students who are interested in attending medical or dentistry schools in Balochistan must take the examination in order to be considered.

The Admissions Merit Lists for Bolan Medical College will shortly be issued, and they will be used for the academic year 2022. People who have been granted admission into MBBS and BDS programmes will be included on the list. The admissions committee will then reach a conclusion about the admissions process that is final.


You are strongly encouraged to familiarise yourself with the admissions process before applying to Bolan Medical College if you have any intention of doing so. You are going to need to go to the official website of the institution in order to receive the entrance merit list. As soon as the administrators have the list ready to post, the college’s website will be updated with the new information. You need to have either your entrance card or your roll number in order to view the merit list.

The first published version of the college’s merit list is scheduled to go up during the first week of February. This list will include the scores of students who have successfully completed both the entrance exam and the matriculation procedure. In order to be eligible for admission to Bolan Medical College, the students must have earned an aggregate score of at least 60 percentage points on their FSC Pre-medical and entrance exams.

In the province of Balochistan, there is a medical school known as the Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences (also known as the Bolan UMH). The National People’s Party was instrumental in the founding of the university in 1972, which took place throughout that year. More than 2,900 students have graduated from this medical college, making it the biggest institution of its kind in Balochistan. The admissions process at Bolan Medical College has been made more open and transparent, and the committee that decides who is accepted into the programme will only consider the most qualified applicants who meet the requirements of the position.

There are two merit lists that are released twice a year for Bolan Medical College Admission. The first one is the merit list for the MBS programme, while the second one is for the BDS programme. The results of the Quetta entrance exam have been included in this year’s Merit Lists. At the moment, the Bolan Medical College can accommodate around 207 students for its MBBS programme. In addition, BDS has a total of 106 available seats.