Rashid Latif Medical College Admission Merit Lists 2022

Rashid Latif Medical College Admission Merit Lists 2022-The Rashid Latif Medical College has revealed all of its students’ places on the respective merit lists. The pupils had a tough activity to participate in today. However, at this point in time, they should take advantage of the online interview opportunity in order to successfully get admission. Those students who have made it to the merit list and are now in the process of being admitted will be overjoyed to hear the news. They won’t have to wait for the next list, but they will have to figure out solutions to all of the issues.

Rashid Latif Medical College Admission Merit Lists 2022

The submission of authentic educational credentials is the first step in the admissions process for the Bachelor of Science with Honors programme at Rashid Latif Medical College in Lahore. Students who are interested in a career in medicine have the option of applying to the MBBS programme, the Pharm D programme, or the BSC Hons programme. There is a hard and fast cutoff time for the receipt of completed application forms.

Students may go online to the college’s website and submit their application to be considered for admission to the institution. There is also the option of signing up to be placed on a waiting list. Students who have passed their Matric exams and have achieved at least 50% will have their applications considered by the institution.

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is in charge of handling all aspects of the admissions process. Students from other countries are eligible to apply if they fulfil the necessary academic criteria and demonstrate an adequate level of English language ability. The Laboratory of Translational Oncology and Personalized Medicine is located inside the Rashid Latif School of Medicine at Duke University. This institute’s primary mission is to advance the development of tailored pharmacological medicines for the treatment of chronic illnesses such as cancer and others.

In addition, students have the opportunity to fulfil their internship requirements in one of the college’s two teaching hospitals. There are 610 beds available at the Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital. After receiving their degrees, the students will be able to find employment as doctors at one of these hospitals. In addition to that, you will be given the final merit list.

Candidates who are interested might also submit an application to be admitted to a postgraduate programme. In addition to that, the institution provides postgraduate instruction in CPSP-related fields. Gynaecology, newborn care, and obstetrics are among the areas in which postgraduate students have the opportunity to specialise. In addition, there are departments of physiology at the institution that are equipped with contemporary learning tools.

The academic certifications and the results of the entrance test are taken into consideration while compiling the Rashid Latif Medical College Admission Merits. Candidates who do well in both tests will be put on the Merit List at the end of the process. On the other hand, the names of students who did not pass the admission exam will not be included on the Merit Lists.

Following the publication of the results of both the MDCAT and the UHS MDCAT admission tests, the Rashid Latif Medical College Admission Merits 2022 will be made accessible. Those who participated in the written examinations are now awaiting the results with bated breath. You are able to see the preliminary merit list by visiting the URL that is supplied further down. In addition, make it a point to go through the college’s admissions calendar and prospectus to learn more about the institution and the courses it offers.

You may submit an application to the BSc Hons nursing programme at Rashid Latif Medical College in Lahore if you are interested in pursuing a career in the nursing field. Both the Pakistan Nursing Council and the University of Health Sciences in Lahore are connected to this educational institution. Students from Pakistan as well as students from other countries may apply for admission. Applicants must have an FSC with grades of at least 50% in order to be considered for the BSc Hons programme. In addition, they will each get a scholarship of 5,000 yuan as well as free housing on campus.

The vast majority of prospective students want to apply for admission to the institution via the usage of the online interview option. Students have the ability to verify their scores and construct their own merit based on their grades, which makes the option of doing the interview online quite handy. You are free to use the online interview option even if you have concerns about whether or not you will be accepted into the programme.


After the admissions test and the candidates’ academic certifications have been validated, the Rashid Latif Medical College in Lahore will publish the admissions merit lists. The names of the applicants who have shown via their performance on the admissions examinations that they are deserving of a spot in the college’s student body are recorded on the merit lists. Applicants who did not get a passing score on the entrance examinations will not be included on the merit lists.

To determine whether or not they have a strong possibility of being accepted into the medical college, a lot of students are seeking the institution’s list of students who have achieved academic excellence. It is critical for students to have an accurate understanding of the likelihood that they will be accepted into the institution of their choice, and this can only be accomplished if they are granted admission. For the current school year, the programme is only open to students who have maintained a GPA of at least 70% throughout their academic careers. Students coming from other countries are evaluated according to a different set of standards.

Online access to the Rashid Latif Medical College Admission Merits for 2022 is now being provided. Students that are interested in enrolling at the institution can go to their website and complete the application form that is available there. The admission merit lists are continually updated as new applications come in. In the event that you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to post them in the following comment box. Note that we will screen comments before publishing them, and we will not post spam.

The Rashid Latif Medical College is an educational establishment that provides reasonably priced medical education of a very high standard. The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) gave its stamp of approval on September 20th, 2010, making it official. The institution can be found on Ferozepur Road in Lahore, and it provides a variety of options for those interested in pursuing careers in medicine and dentistry. The University of Health Sciences is one of its associated institutions (UHS).

It is anticipated that the Rashid Latif Medical College entrance merit list would be made public in the very near future. This medical institution can be found in Lahore, and it has ties to both the University of Health Sciences and the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council PM7DC. The college excels in comparison to other medical schools in Pakistan, earning it a high rating.


Those individuals who have previously shown interest in receiving admission to the Rashid Latif Medical College in Lahore are now able to see the admission merit list. These lists include the names of the students who were successful in their attempts at the admission examination. On the website is also written the time and place of the next interview. Those individuals who are not selected for inclusion on the merit list will be required to attend the subsequent session.

The university is well recognised for the exceptional quality of the medical education it provides. 2010 was the year that the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council granted its accreditation. Lahore is the location of the college, which is on a site that is 25 acres in size. In addition to that, it provides its graduates with opportunities to participate in internships. Students also have the option of working at the Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital, which is situated in close proximity to the school. You may visit the website of the institution to get further information about the college and the admissions process.

The admission merit lists for the session 2022 have been made public by the Rashid Latif Medical College. The lists are compiled using the points obtained on the admissions examination in conjunction with the academic certificate. Additionally, the provisional merit list as well as the waiting list will be published by the college. Candidates whose names appear on these lists are expected to make the necessary payment by the deadline in order to reserve their places. They are able to verify their position in the MBBS 2nd merit list even if they were not successful in the first round of the competition.

Candidates who meet the requirements and have a grade point average of at least 60% will be considered for admission to Rashid Latif Medical College in 2022. The application must be submitted using the online system. Alumni are eligible for employment at the 610-bed Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital, where they may also apply. The entrance examination’s results will be made public as quickly as possible once they have been made available to the public.

Both the University of Health Sciences and the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council include this college as one of their associated institutions. The institution provides its students with access to a wide range of different medical programmes. The entrance merit list for these programmes is often made available in the months of September and October. Those students who are able to go to the final stage of the competition for college scholarships are eligible for a variety of financial awards.

Those who are interested in becoming nurses may also enrol in the college’s LPN programme, which lasts for two years. Both the University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore and the Pakistan Nursing Council have granted their approval to the nursing programme at this institution. Students get a stipend on a monthly basis from the institution, and the college also provides lodging for them on campus.