UHS Medical Colleges Merit Lists 2022

The announcement of the Provisional Merit List for UHS Medical Colleges 2022 will take place not long after the admissions process has been finalised. The provisional merit lists for admission, the waiting lists for self-financing students, and the merit lists for reserved seats will all be included on the list. In the event that an error or omission was made, the provisional merit list will be subject to amendment. The announcement of the final list of those who earned merit badges will take place as planned.

The University of Health Sciences has informed the public that a notice has been published about the Provisional Merit List for MBBS and BDS. According to the notice, the entrance test for both the BDS and MBBS programmes would take place in the year 2022. During the time that they are taking the test, the applicants need to ensure that they are abiding by all of the COVID prevention requirements.

In a short amount of time, the UHS Medical and Dental Colleges 2022 Provisional Merit List will be made public. Candidates will only be included on the list if they are able to demonstrate that they satisfy the necessary requirements as well as the admission requirements for the particular programme. Up to three preliminary merit lists will be announced by the UHS, compiled from the different medical schools in the state of Punjab. It is anticipated that a maximum of ninety per cent of the applicants for the MBBS and BDS programmes would be accepted into the respective programmes. This indicates that the remaining seventy percent will be required to retain their positions while the private merit list is compiled.

In a similar vein, the preliminary merit lists for medical and dental institutions in the state of Punjab are included on the UHS Merit List of 2022. The number of applicants on the first preliminary merit list is more than ten thousand. More than three thousand and five hundred applicants are included on the second preliminary merit list. After going through an extensive review, the university administration will make public these lists.

University of Medicine and Dentistry of Lahore

Consider attending the University of Health Sciences if you’re interested in a future in the medical industry. This institution is renowned for producing highly qualified medical professionals (UHS). It is widely considered to be among Pakistan’s most prestigious and professionally relevant degree programmes. Recently, the UHS held an admission exam in order to determine which Pakistani candidates will be accepted into their MBBS/BDS programme.

The website of university contains all of the information that is available on its merit lists. This involves a high school diploma, a moderate FSc score, and passing exam results. This will provide you with an accurate picture of the quality of the programmes offered by the school as well as the degree to which you would benefit from attending the university. On the UHS website, the merit lists are available to be downloaded.

After you have received your merit list, the next step is to submit an application for admission. You will be required to fill out an online form and submit all of the documentation that supports your application. After that, you are required to pay the entry cost. The procedure for granting admission will take a few days to complete. If you have already been accepted into a medical school, you won’t need to submit your application until the following semester.

In addition, the production of merit lists for use in the admissions process is within the purview of the University of Health Sciences. There are a number of medical schools in Pakistan’s public sector, although the majority of them are associated with the University of Health Sciences rather than administering their own admission exams. The examination for prospective students in the MBBS and BDS programmes was carried out by this school in the month of November 2020. As soon as the merit list is published, those students who are qualified will be enrolled in a medical institution that is part of the public sector.

admissions for MBBS and BDS programmes

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) has just issued the first preliminary merit list for MBBS and BDS admissions. The list includes the names of the applicants who have been deemed eligible based on the results that they achieved in the pre-medical test known as MDCAT. To qualify for admission to medical school, applicants must first be chosen based solely on their individual levels of merit.

The preliminary merit list that was issued by UHS is just a tentative list, and as such, it is open to review, correction, and amendment in the event that mistakes were made. By the end of November in the year 2022, the UHS intends to publish the final merit list for the MBBS as well as the BDS programmes. Candidates may verify their current standing on the merit list by following the URL provided below.

The United Health Services (UHS) has compiled a list of competent applicants who have been admitted into various medical institutions around the nation and publicised it as a merit list for MBBS and BDS admissions. This list also includes private medical schools around the nation and is accessible for your perusal. Candidates are needed to submit the required admission fees after a merit list has been prepared and distributed to the public.

Candidates must submit an application to take the UHS MDCAT in order to be considered for BDS admissions. The University of Houston System has formed collaborative relationships with a number of prestigious academic institutions across the globe. These institutions include Duke University, the Centers for Disease Control, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Texas at Houston. There are a number of dental and medical colleges in Pakistan that are connected with UHS. The UHS Merit Lists 2022 for MBBS and BDS admissions are now available for Punjab public sector medical and dental institutes. These lists are used to determine who will be admitted to these programmes.


The University of Health Sciences has announced that the merit lists for the MBBS and BDS programmes are now available (UHS). The admissions committees at medical and dental schools will consult these lists, which are derived from the NUMS exam results for the year 2022. Students who have participated in the MDCAT examination are also eligible to be included on the merit list.

Downloadable versions of the UHS Medical Colleges Merit Lists are available online. It is anticipated that the merit lists for MBBS and BDS courses would shut at around 70 per cent of the total applicants. Additionally, it is possible to obtain the merit lists that are used by public medical institutions. The lists are anticipated to be made public in the month of November.

The MBBS and BDS merit lists, as well as the merit lists for the Government Medical and Dental Colleges of Punjab, are both released by the UHS Medical Colleges. The Merit List for BS Programs has also been published for open merit seats in the Punjabi Medical Colleges.

Applicants applying for the UHS Medical Colleges Merit List should have at least 65% aggregate marks in their pre-medical courses. They must also have a good score in the MDCAT. After receiving the results, they should wait for the call letters from the colleges. In case they are not able to wait for the results, they should contact the respective colleges directly.

The UHS Merit Lists for MBBS and BDS programmes are published on the University’s official website. These lists can be obtained only through the official website. The University will publish more than one merit list to fill all available seats. In addition to MBBS, UHS also offers BSC (Nursing), MSC, and BDS programmes.

Public sector medical colleges in Punjab

The University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore has released the first provisional Merit List for admission to MBBS, BDS, Pharm D, DPT, nursing, and Master of Science (MSPH) courses for the session 2022-2023. This merit list covers all the medical colleges that are currently accepting applications.

MBBS and BDS merit lists will be based on the results of the NUMS test conducted by the University of Health Sciences in 2022. Other courses like BS Nursing, Pharm D, and DPT will be based on the results of the MDCAT. The final merit list is expected to be published in June 2022.

The University Of UHS Medical Colleges Merit Lists are updated every year according to the new session. For example, the UHS Medical Colleges Merit List for 2025 will include admission merit lists, waiting lists for self-financing students, and merit lists for reserved seats. If you are interested in admission to one of these medical colleges, you should check the dates of the UHS Medical Colleges Merit Lists and make sure you apply early.

The merit list is available online. The list is also available for applicants who did not take the test in their own college. If you are one of the candidates who are not yet registered for the medical college of your choice, you can check the merit list online. The UHS MDCAT exam is one of the most difficult exams to crack, and you must take your time and practice in order to qualify for admission to the university of health sciences.

UHS Lahore

The University of Health Sciences Lahore has published the UHS Merit Lists 2021 and 2022 for admissions in various medical and dental programmes. These are available online and are intended for candidates who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in Pakistan. The list will help those who have applied for admission to government medical and dental colleges in the province.

The UHS Lahore is a public sector medical university in Pakistan. It was established in 2002 and focuses on providing high-quality medical education to its students. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of medical fields and also offers courses in biomedical engineering.

After applying for admission to a public medical college, students must wait for the UHS Lahore Merit List 2022 to be published. This preliminary list will only contain the names of students who meet the requirements. Students must pay their college fees by the deadline to secure their spot on the UHS Merit List. Failure to do so can result in their placement being replaced by a student from the waiting list.

Merit lists will be released for the MBBS, BDS, BS Nursing, MDCAT, and DPT programmes. These lists are based on the MDCAT exam marks.